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   LUCKY HARRY (Working Title)
It’s said that every seven years, your life changes. That’s certainly true in Harry’s case, for better and for worse. When Harry Rieger was 7 he lost his mother, when he was 14 he lost his youth, and when he was 21, his father. Harry swears to be strong, and to live a life without weaknesses. He embarks on a successful career as a motivational trainer, has a lot of money, a big house, cars and women. But shortly before his 42nd birthday a blackbird crashes into his windscreen, portending disaster. First of all Harry's girlfriend leaves him, and then his composure: He goes on a rampage, gets served a summons, and as a punishment is sent to keep the parks of the city clean. There he meets Joseph, a life-loving, slightly crazy Bavarian. And as fate would have it, these two very different men are destined to go on a fascinating journey together.

Genre: Comedy Drama | Status: Script development, financing | Written by: Ursula Gruber | Director: Neele Leana Vollmar | Producer: Caroline Daube