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The documentary CAN LOVE REALLY BE A SIN, deals with the fate of catholic priests, who have fallen in love and chosen to openly live in a romantic partnership. The breaking of this taboo means they are no longer allowed to carry out their priestly duties. The movie dwells on the radical changes that happen in the lives of these former men of God and the profound challenges of starting all over again.
The movie is centred on three charismatic former preachers, who despite having had many disappointing experiences still deeply believe in their God and allow him to have a powerful influence in their daily lives.
Their personal stories are aimed at taking a closer look at celibacy and its centuries long existence, for the confession of such a clandestine love almost instantly sets imaginations alight in the people who hear of it.
When people first come into contact with the events, almost everybody thinks of sex drive rather than love. Due to this, the true depth of the story is rarely seen while itís still hidden behind such prejudice.

Genre: Documentary | Status: in production | Screenplay and Director: Saara Aila Waasner | Co-production: ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel | Producer: Caroline Daube