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Germany in the 1960s: Peaceful times in the West can start at last, if only Irene Striesow could manage to shake off the past. She is homesick for East Germany, mistrustful of the cease fire, and most of all, distraught about her husband Dieterís other women. She would rather die young and she doesnít make any efforts to hide it from Dieter and her three children Ute, Wasa and Flori. As their living room begins to look more like a war zone, her children decide to take matters in their own hands. They want their mother to finally be happy, that Dieter can crack light-hearted jokes about East Germany again, and that, if possible, the third world war doesnít happen after all...

Genre: Tragicomedy | Year of production 2008 | Length: 98min | Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk / arte, Odeon Pictures, Lunaris Film- and Fernsehproduktion and Neue Kinowelt Filmproduktion | Distribution: Kinowelt Filmverleih | World Sales: The Match Factory | Screenplay: Ruth Toma, based on the novel by Birgit Vanderbeke | Director: Neele Leana Vollmar | Producer: Caroline Daube | Cast: Nina Monka, Leonie Brill, Katharina Schubert, Oliver Stokowski, Axel Prahl and Tamino Wecker | www.friedlichezeiten.de